Anger Management Training

YOU...Don't Need To Be Part Of An Angry World

What WE  Teach In Anger Management Training....

And What YOU Learn! 

During anger management training, which can occur in a group or in a one-on-one setting, people learn skills for those times when they are getting upset and starting to feel the impulse to lash out. Some of these skills include:


                      Becoming An Active Listener


Learning to understand why events are unfolding will often reduce your fear and help you remain  calm.  


                      Focusing On The Moment

​ Focusing on what actually is happening now, as opposed to what you think might happen as a result,  will help you make decisions on how to respond appropriately rather than react in a potentially  negative way.


                      Seeking Compromise

 If you can find a middle ground during a confrontation, you may find a solution you can both live with.

                      Being Assertive Not Aggressive

 Stating your needs in an intelligent and confident fashion, rather than forcing people to see your  point, will reduce tension.